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- 2019年10月17日

哈利法克斯拖放到学生的健康和保健的lemarchant地方。 (卡罗莱纳布斯塔曼特照片)
哈利法克斯拖放到学生的健康和保健的lemarchant地方。 (卡罗莱纳布斯塔曼特照片)


In 2017, Student Health & Wellness 推出了跨专业协同医疗模式 增加获得心理健康支持。在此成功的基础上,部继续进行更改 - 既大又小 - 旨在提高获取资源和信息,并更好地满足学生的需要。

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提高访问 - 现在可以在网上预订

在线预订最初推出的试点项目,在四月2019年只包括三个医生。自推出以来,仅半年前,它已扩大到包括与跨专业团队的15名成员的任命。 2500个多名预约迄今已成功预定,其中包括自九月开始超过1000个。
“We’ve received great feedback about the online booking service. It provides students with a convenient way to access an appointment when they are ready to book,” says Krista Cross, director of the Student Health & Wellness Centre. “It’s also an easy way to cancel an appointment you may no longer need without having to call in. Appointments are in high demand 和 so it’s a good way to ensure we are able to see as many students as possible.”


Student Health & Wellness has added more same-day counsellors to their interprofessional collaborative health-care team. This increases same-day counselling appointments by 50 per cent, with nearly 100 appointments now available each week.

“我们非常高兴今年欢迎新辅导员,”医生说。大卫皮隆,咨询和心理服务部主任。 “与辅导员的更全面的球队,我们能够为学生提供更多的服务,并提供更广泛的咨询方案和团体。”


The Student Health & Wellness website 是可用的学生希望探索和获取资源和服务的重要资源。认识到改进能为更好的用户体验进行,团队决定是时候改头换面。

Student Health & Wellness is creating a refreshed website aimed at ensuring students can easily access information, resources and services online. Over 4,000 DALhousie and King’s students recently provided feedback through an online survey on how they use the Student Health & Wellness website, and how it could be improved. This feedback will be considered 和 incorporated when building the new site. The new website is expected to be unveiled in early 2020.


While appointments at the Student Health & Wellness Centre are one solution to addressing health matters, an increasing variety of tools 和 resources are available for students as well.

网上平台,如 问护士问牧师 让学生提出的健康和精神相关的问题匿名在线。 good2talk的是,在去年推出了电话咨询服务。学生可以在任何时间电话号码1-833-292-3698,以获得心理健康,成瘾和福祉的支持。和 Q-生活弹性项目 是一个在线程序,可帮助学生建立批判弹性的技能。 团体项目同行的支持工人 也可为学生寻找的脸对脸的支持,无需访问中心。

Since August, Student Health & Wellness staff have also delivered more than 50 presentations and workshops to students and staff, to improve health literacy on campus and to increase overall awareness about where to turn when there are questions or concerns about health 和 well-being.


Student Health & Wellness, in partnership with Nova Scotia Health Authority’s Take 主页 Naloxone Program, is hosting free Naloxone 和 Opioid Overdose Response training for DALhousie students.


Dalhousie’s Student Health & Wellness Centre is also an official naloxone kit pick-up site for the DALhousie community. If a student, staff, faculty or RA wish to pick up a free kit, drop by the centre during business hours.

提醒 - 流感预防针诊所从下周开始

Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness and the School of Nursing team up every year to provide flu shots to members of the Dal and King's communities. This year, 14 mobile clincis have been scheduled in various DALhousie buildings 和 campuses, starting next week. Visit 找到你的计划工作的诊所,并帮助保持我们的社区健康这一年!

对于这些新的initaitives等服务信息, 访问达尔豪西学生健康和健康网站.


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