Indigenous Blacks & Mi'kmaq Initiative

The Indigenous Blacks & Mi'kmaq (IB&M) Initiative at the 法律的Schulich商学院 was established in 1989 to 增加在法律界土著黑人的代表性和米克马格 为了减少歧视。


The IB&M Initiative was the result of efforts by African Nova Scotian communities and Mi'kmaq First Nations to obtain access to legal education and the legal profession 和 to 在司法系统地址种族主义. These efforts were the catalyst for 澳门皇冠体育's study entitled "Breaking Barriers: Report of the Task Force on Access for Black 和 Native People." The efforts coincided with the work of the Royal Commission on the Donald Marshall, Jr. Prosecution, which recommended that the then-fledgling IB&M Initiative "收到加拿大新斯科舍省和新斯科舍巴政府的财政支持。" Through the hard work and persistence of the Advisory Board and other community members, the directors, students, faculty, 和 staff, the IB&M Initiative grew to become 访问模型 法律教育和整个加拿大法律界人士和美国。


The IB&M Initiative works to ensure that Mi'kmaw and African Nova Scotian students, and other Aboriginal 和 Black students, are represented at the 法律的Schulich商学院. The Initiative involves 社区外展招聘;提供学生 财政和其他支持;发展 奖学金 在原住民法律和非裔加拿大法律的角度,促进领域 招聘和毕业生的保留.

学生们 who enter the Schulich School of Law through the IB&M Initiative join the regular first class, write the same exams, complete the same work 和 earn the same JD degree as do all other students at 法律的Schulich商学院.

Since the IB&M Initiative began, 多于 200名黑色和原住民毕业生 去了上寻求与私人律师事务所,土著组织和政府法律部门的职业生涯。他们已经采取了一系列横跨新斯科舍省内外领导角色。